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Excaliburation Excaliburation

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty nice idea but needs more work :)

Ok I'll first give my basic impression of this sing then I'll go deeper into details.

First to answer your question: Yes it IS a hip hop beat with a touch of film score.
The theme is nice and kinda catchy and has a nice flow. So I would basicly say that i like it.

BUUUUT..... ( sorry but there is always a but :) )

Now for a more deeper review:

1. Maaaan you reeeeaaally need to master it a little bit.

1.1 The drums pattern is nice but really dry. Try adding a bit of hall and maybe a
touch of delay.

1.2 In the middle of the song the theme is so loud that it is overdriven. Try to
put the volume of the themes so that you can clearly hear them all and so
that you can separate one of the other.

1.3 You should use the pan, I mean have you ever saw a band on the stage
is standing in a row? Probably not :) . Try using the room just imagine
the band / orchestra members are standing on the stage in front of you,
that will help you imaging it.

2. Composition

2.1 Please I don't wanna insult you but the whole song i the same. Nothing
really happens. It is ( almost ) the same from the beginning to the end.
Although you are adding more instruments in process of the song I don't
really feel a difference. Try adding one or more themes to it. DIFFERENT

Well as allready said it is only my opinion so you can go like "WTF is this guy thinking he is?!?!? He should shut the f**** up!! He doesn't know sh***!!!"
or maybe my review will help you.

So the idea is nice but it needs a little more work :)

P.s. I will upload a coupple of songs that I made so I will be glad if you could rate / review them. :)

Hyperion666 responds:

nice very constructive review u really took ur time on this well to all that u said u are most absolutely right on this i kinda degressed on my project i think i was rushing to finish this one dunno its been a while im usually pay attention to my sound levels now u can tell if u listen to my older beats but in the end i messed up on this prolly y i dnt listen to the whole song it was probably like the same beat just growing on u idea u know steadyly some one wispering in ur ear n getting louder n louder haha i dnt know think i was tripin or somethin